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Tiger Muay Thai


Yes it's me.. ya girl TENDU!

It's been awhile. Literally 2 freaking years. Time is running so fast but my life hasn't changed a lot..well actually it kinda has. I got to experience amazing things, I met my amazing boyfriend and I have also been working a lot.

So first of all my travel to Thailand in summer 2019.

I was planning to do my very first backpacking trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with my friend, but unfortunately it did not happen. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and LITERALLY registered my lazy introvert ass to the Tiger Muay Thai Camp AND it was the best decision ever. It was a 5 weeks journey and I have experienced my physical limits.

I have met such loving, funny and amazing people. I got pushed, motivated and almost killed by such impressive coaches and it was my first time coming back home stronger instead of fatter. HAHA


My daily schedule was waking up at 7am and walking my 3min walk to the Tiger Muay Thai Camp, located in Chalong (known as the Fitness Street). My morning Espresso before my first class was a must. The lovely Tiger Grill worker always welcomed everyone with a big smile. After chugging my coffee, I was studying the exercises on the whiteboard with my still sleepy eyes. My first thought every morning before class was "Am I going to survive this !!"  And yes I did, but it was HAAARD. My day has continued with a healthy breakfast in a good company followed by the next class. I always planned a 2-3hr break during noon time, where I relaxed at the pool preparing mentally for my next killer fitness class. Yes it was all about sports and health.


Ambush 360 - Body Fit

BATTLE CAT - Combat Conditioning

BEAST - Strength and Conditioning


The Grind

Hard Core

Muay Thai



K1 - Kickboxing

Krabi Krabong

Muay Boran

Western Boxing



Max my personal Muay Thai Trainer.

Ambush360 - Body Fit with Som and Sandz.


Exhausted after Cross Fit.


BEAST - Class with Shaun Kobe.

Strength and Conditioning Coach                      

Hills Sprint with Peter Forneck.

B.Sc. Sport & Performance, Certified BVDG Olympic Weightlifting Trainer


Battle Cat with Sam Bastin

Boxing Coach


Big Buddha Run with Tommee Graber

Fitness Coach


Thanks for making my journey even more exciting and unforgettable. !!!

And for those who wonder: My progress

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

The vibe at Tiger Muay Thai is indescribable. Everyone has the same purpose: doing sports.

No matter if you were a professional athlete, a fitness junky or a beginner.. you were able to feel the support from every single person. The ambition I observed was contagious.

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