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It‘s more fun in the Philippines

Hello lovez

This year‘s winter wasn‘t that bad in Switzerland. Maybe because I didn‘t got to experience the really bad storm called „Sabine“ in February since I was soaking in the sun at the beach somewhere else. Can‘t complain about that. I always wanted to visit the Philippines because it is famous for its white beaches, beautiful island and not to forget „the FOOD“. After being vegan in January (Veganuary) I was digging in the food and yes i gained some extra pounds but who cares.

It was my first time having prawns with the shell (do you call it shell? Idk) and crabs *PROUD* I do like fish but as Tibetan I am not really used to eat a lot of seafood, since we eat more meat. So after these 2 weeks of having a lot of seafood I wasn‘t mad to come back home and have some home made „Sha-MoMo“ (=meat dumplings). :)

Our journey started with our 13hr flight to Singapore with a 3hr layover followed by a 4hr flight to Manila and another flight straight to Boracay Island. It was a exhausting 25hr journey from Zurich to Boracay. When we reached Island it was hella windy and the ocean was pretty angry. That was the moment I was praying for the storm to calm down by the next day and guess what.. it didn‘t rain during the whole 2 weeks. Thank GOD! As soon as we reached Caticlan harbor we had to take the boat to Boracay. And if you are planning to visit Boracay make sure you have your hotel and return flight documents printed.

They have set new rules after the rehabilitation of the island.

Notice: - you will be asked to present your booking documents before entering the island

- there is a limit of max 6405 tourists per day

- as a tourists you can only entry Boracay if you have reserved a room at a hotel that is compliant with the requirements of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and accredited by the Department of Tourism

.. and few more.

The goal is to result a „BETTER BORACAY“ „These restrictions are seen to result in the emergence of a “Better Boracay,” envisioned to be enjoyed not just by the current generation, but for the next generations to come.“ - Philippine Information Agency

Things you can do in Boracay:

- Parasailing

- Island hopping and snorkling

- Sunset cruse

- Scuba diving

- Cliff jumping

- Jet Ski

- Helmet diving

- Wakeboarding

- Helicopter adventure

I love beaches, so that‘s the reason why I visit different beaches every year. So let me tell you that Boracay was one of the most beautiful island I have visited.

After spending 7 days in Boracay we couldn‘t leave the paradise so we decided to extend our stay for 2 more days. We allowed us to spontaneously book a 5* hotel with a privat beach to enjoy our togetherness, the beautiful sound of the waves crushing on the shore and soak in the vitamin D before we left to the magic city Manila and the cute village Tarlac in Victoria where my boyfriend comes from.

After 9 days of relaxation we flew to Manila where my boyfriend‘s parents were waiting for us.

And my favorite part of this whole trip was my boyfriend‘s hometown and meeting all the cute little town children.

So blessend and grateful to be able to travel around !!

Stay healthy y‘all.

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