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2017 RECAP

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Hi Lovez and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

It has been a while now since I did a blog post. So starting my first day in 2018 productive and posting a new post, since this is one of my new year's resolution.

I hope y'all left 2017 and slipped into 2018 well and enjoyed the NYE with your loved ones.

So I had one of my best year since I was able to start eating clean, going on 2 epic vacation, graduating my study and passing my driving test.

But I still wished I went on more vacation and trips, but sadly I was not able since I had to study for my exam, write my thesis and I didn't have enough money anyway hahah!

SO HERE ARE SOME PICTURE OF MY 2017 (nothing special haha)

January 2017, Zurich

"When my sis turned 28"

February 2017, Zurich

"When I cut my hair short for the first time"

March 2017, Miami/Bahamas

"..with my girls"

May 2017, Zurich

"When I created my blog and posted my first blog post"

August 2017, Zurich/Bali

"When I had my graduation and went on my well deserved vacation"

September 2017, Zurich

"When I got the best graduation gift I could have ever imagined"

October 2017, Zurich

"When I was able to buy my very first bag with my very first big salary"

November 2017, Paris

"Nothing better than a litte bit of christmas feeling in Paris"

December 2017, Zurich

"When I was able to do my bedroom makeover"

As you can tell I was busy studying during summer haha, so there wasn't anything special to capture it on picture haha. Jk

Do you have any new year's resolution?

A few of mine are getting back in shape by starting to work out more often, doing more blog posts AND more trips to new countries.


xoxo Tendu

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