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How to... EYEBROW


Hope y'all doing great. Well I'm doing great but pretty stressed out. Lately I've been struggling with writing my diploma thesis. I do have time to write but I'm just way toooo LAZY !!! It's actually a bad time to start blogging since I should focus on my diploma hehe.

But whatever.

HERE I AM AGAIN WITH A NEW POST. Since a few of you were asking what product I use for my eyebrows I thought this would be worthy to post.

I tried out few eyebrow products and been obsessed with the PRO LONGWEAR FLUIDLINE by MACCOSMETICS, which I've been using since 2 years now. I know it is actually an eyeliner but who cares haha ! Currently I am using the DIPBROW POMADE in the shade EBONY by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. Altought I am loving the Pro Longwear Fluidline I wanted to try out a new product, that's why I am using the Dipbrow Pomade. I LIKE IT SO FAR :)

These things are all I need.

This is how my eyebrow looks without anything.

1. I like to start from the rear part of my brow. Do not just put some gel on your brow and make it look like a black thick line. I try to "draw" some tiny lines (like hair) on my brow with the gel and let it look as natural as possible or not haha!!

2. So if you have the shape you want, fill in your brow. Make sure you fill just the rear part of you eyebrow. Try to use less product on the front and focus on blending it.

3. If your eyebrow is done, give it a little bit more shape with your concealer.



XOXO tendu

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